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26/10/2017 3:46 pm  

Known to be the most recognised hotel name in the industry, Hilton has over 570 hotels around the world to offer to their clients, with some of the well-known brands like Hilton Hotel & Resorts, Waldorf Astoria, Conrad, DoubleTree or Hilton Garden Inn. Hilton nonetheless also has a special code for Airliners and Travel professionals to benefit from an industry rate.

The process of booking is quite simple, goto www.hilton.com, then type the city name and select the dates, click on Advance Search, click on "Use flexible dates", and then click "Add a special rate code", on the "Promotion/Offer Code:" field add "AL" and hit search. 

Choosing a random date Conrad, DoubleTree JBR didn't show any available date for a special rate, however checking Hilton Garden Inn quoted AED 213 per night vs market rate of 313 per night that is over 30%+ off discount. But checking at properties it didn't provide this discount on all properties in fact some didn't offer any rate. 

My suggestion as usual, is at the time of planning your holiday it is worth checking the property discount for Industry rates.

Offer: 30%
Eligibility:  Any travel professional with an IATA code or an Airline staff


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